Monday, June 17, 2024

Semah in Alevism


The scared dance performed in Alevism is Semah. The word Semah means to hear nice words, the sky and to fly. In different regions the word semah is pronounced as Samah or Zamah.

During the cem ceremony when the last part of the mihraçlama is sung by the minstrel everyone comes to the centre of the cem space and by walking and spinning they start to form in to a circle. All the songs and hymns that accompany the performance of this dance are also called Semahs. The Semah is not performed for the audience but for Hakk. Therefore, it is not applauded. One of the most popular semah types is the Turnalar Semahı (the Crane Semah) which symbolises the movements of a crane, around a circle that sym-bolises the universe. The crane has a very important place in Alevi belief. They live together in peace and help each other out. The crane is a symbol of freedom, equality, community, luck, blessing and happiness.



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