Saturday, June 15, 2024

World famous actress #MaxinePeake has done the English dubbing for the Madimak Virtual Museum animation film.


We would like to thank everyone involved in the dubbing, which was carried out by the b a k, at Gorilla Group TV studios.

The Madimak Virtual Museum is made up of rooms for each of the 33 people, many of whom were children and youths, that were killed on #July2nd1993 at the Madimak Hotel in Sivas, providing you with a 360° view of these 3D rooms. The animation film, which shows viewers snippets from these rooms, was directed by Eylem şen and written by Bülent Yıldız. The music for the animation film were done by Kemal Dinc, the Turkish voice over was done by Memet Ali Alabora and the English translations by the translation team at the Britanya Alevi Federasyonu. The 3D animations were done by Batuhan Köksal.

To ensure that the #SivasMassacre is never forgotten the Avrupa Alevi Birlikleri Konfederasyonu – AABK, has erected a web based memorial in the sky, in the form of the Madimak Massacre Memorial Centre, for all around the world to see. Co-Chairs of the AABK, Nevin Kamilagaoglu and Hüseyin Mat, folk musician Çağan Ali who is a survivor of the Madimak Massacre, Cafer Kaplan and Erdal Kılıçkaya he chief editor of the “Alevilerin Sesi” magazine, have taken on the executive producer roles in the name of the AABK.

In addition to the Virtual Museum, the Madimak Massacre Memorial Centre also comprises of a Digital Library, Documentary, Web Documentary and Oral History project.



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